Wireless Router

29177_l Picked up a new D-Link WBR-1310 Wireless G Router the other day, from Future Shop for $30.  Which is a good price, since I paid all most $60 for the wired one I got about year and half ago.  Set up was a bit of a pain.  Not because I don’t know what I was doing.  It was the software that came with it.  I decided to fallow the steps one at a time.  It said it would only take 10 minutes.  Well it took more than 10mins and still didn’t let me log in.  It kept asking for the password and log in to my ISP.  But my IPS doesn’t use them.  And the software wouldn’t let skip or pick and other option.  So I was like nuts to this and log on to the router though a web borrower.   Had that up and running is seconds and had the router and wireless signal secure in minutes.   It works great.

On a side note. My neighbour could pick up the signal.  And he lives pretty far way with lots of trees in the way.

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