GTA IV So Far Review

Wow, this game is great. Played around 4 hours so far. So far I do think this is the best GTA game. The attention to detail is unreal. The way you move is so real looking. When he walks up stairs and over things. The way the cars move. The game all was had good car suspension, but this time around the cars have more weight. For example drive in reverse and pull a 180. The different cars tried all did it differently. They drive more like real cars.

The AI seems to be a lot better too. The people on the streets are all different. The car drives react in different ways too. For example don’t run out into traffic, which I did, they will hit you instead of stopping like in past games. The car will dent up too. If hey hit you hard enough there will be blood spilled.

There is so much it this game its unbelievable. Can’t wait to check every thing out.

Oh, tried the multiplayer for one around of deathmatch. That was different. Like most multiplayer games it will take lots of practices. How every a got a few kills. I have to say driving and trying to shoot at a guy standing on the street seemed hard. Its just easier to run them over. I did come is third place thou.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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