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Another GTA IV Update

Posted in Just something to say with tags on April 8, 2008 by getbent57

The game is not too far way now. About 20 days. Gamespot posted an article today about GTA IV’s multiplayer today. Its sounding pretty cool. It has up to 16 players online for both PS3 and the 360. They got to try out Deathmatch, Cops and Crooks, and Racing. Deathmatch I think is going to be a blast. Gamespot has a picture of them playing and some of the guys are in a helicopter, one guy on the ground and one guy in a boat. (Picture below). Cops and Crooks is self explanatory. The cops try to stop the crooks and the crooks try get away. The Racing sounds cool too. The person setting up the game choose the type of car, “track” and weather or not to use weapons. To get online will work very similar to Burnout Paradise. Just got into a menu and chose your options and you are online. all so has a GTA IV Launch Center up now. I so can’t wait for this game.