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DualShock 3

Posted in Just something to say with tags on April 2, 2008 by getbent57

DualShock3589_screen It looks like the DualShock 3 controller for the PS3 will be out this week. This is from the article.

“In February, Sony’s PlayStation Destination retailer conference had two bits of exciting news for PlayStation 3 owners: Konami and Kojima Productions’ long-awaited Metal Gear Solid 4 would arrive June 12, and gamers would have two months in advance to break in their shiny new Dual Shock 3s. Today, Sony narrowed down its broad April release for the PS3’s newest peripheral, saying the controller will arrive at retail this week for $54.99.”

Here is more to the article. I didn’t want to copy and past the hole thing. So you can read the rest here.