The Chronicles of Riddick Review

862218~The-Chronicles-of-Riddick-Posters Ok, ok I know this movie is old now. (released in 2004) But I have not seen it till now. The Chronicles of Riddick is a sequel to Pitch Black. Which is a very good movie by the way. When I first saw the trailers I had know interest in see this movie. But it was on TV last night. Boy I was wrong this movie is great. The action scenes are top notch. All the characters are pretty cool. Like most Sci-Fi the bad guys are taking over the world and or worlds. And its up to a loan anti hero to stop them. This is pretty much what this movie is. How ever it is funny to watch. I think that Riddick character played by Vin Diesel is one the best good “guy” action hero every after seeing any movie. Over all this is a fun flick to watch. Give it a rent today.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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