Burnout Paradise Review

First off this game is awesome, a must buy. So far I think I played around 10 hours or so. Unlocked about 19 cars. This game is different from the past burnout games because it is an open world game. You can do any race, or race type you want in any order, well once you find them. To find the races you just drive around the city and they will show up at just about every intercession. There is a few different race types.

Race – Well that’s were you race one on one or up to 7 other cars. Some of these races can be real tuff and other easy. That’s one good thing about being open world if you having trouble with one race you don’t have to do it just move on to another race or race type.

Road Rage – This is one of my favourites. The idea is to take down the other cars by knocking off the road to win.

Marked Man – What you have to do is get from one point to the next while other cars try to take you out. This can be real fun and frustrating at the same time.

Stunt Run – Just drive around do stunts, jumps, drifts and what not. Only tried this one once.

Burning Route – Once you win a car, you can take it to its own burning route. If you win you get an upgraded version of that car.

To get unlock cars you win then, or after so many races a new car is racing around the city. To get that car you just need to take it out and its yours. You all so get a car when your license is upgraded. To upgraded your license you need to win a certain number of the race types. They can be any race type you want.

Oh can’t forget about the online play. Its is the easiest game to get online with that I have ever played. You can just drive around the city or do races and challenges. I haven’t really tried online that much. So I can’t say to much about it.

If you like racing games buy this one today

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good times)

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